11 Popular myths about strippers in Adelaide

11 Popular myths about strippers in Adelaide

There’s a common misconception about some of the popular strippers Adelaide features. Most residents in Adelaide have some invalid beliefs about Adelaide strippers. 

In this regard, we deemed it necessary to interview some of the active strippers Adelaide features. The article you’re about to read is an excerpt of some series of interviews we had with these exotic dancers. Hopefully, this should change your negative perception about strippers if you had any initially. Okay, let’s begin. 

We make $1000/night, and lead glamorous lives of luxury

Both yes and no. That is erroneous when discussing averages. It’s 2014, and the world hasn’t recovered from the global crisis, as far as I know. Spending money on a stripper is a luxurious expense, not a necessary one, like paying the electric bill. Dancers are working more hours and working more shifts than a decade earlier because that is how life is today. Take note of the hustle. Strippers in the United States earn between $150 and $400 a night on average, although there are no estimates to back this up. Of course, there are nights where we make a LOTTTT, but they are rare. Consider how many times a dancer works her whole shift and exits with $30 or zero due to “house fees” and tip out.

We aren’t in school or don’t REALLY have a degree because strippers are DUMB

“You said you have a degree in what? Where are you going to school?” *gratuitous eye roll/smirk* So how would strippers be in classes, let alone hold undergraduate, associate, or post-graduate degrees? If that is the case, why are you stripping? Often, wouldn’t that imply that you’re “way smart to be doing this” (a phrase I’ve heard more than once). When I dropped some simple science jargon (“genotype”, “phenotype”, “allele”) to a geneticist I had in VIP, he had to raise his jaw up from the ground. The stereotype that strippers are all ditzy bimbos is alive and well, and it is clearly untrue.

We’re drug addicts/alcoholics

I haven’t seen a higher prevalence of drug addiction and/or alcoholism in the industry in the 7.5 years I’ve been there. I honestly don’t. Sure, there’s the stray tweaker stripper who pops into your club for a few weeks before being fired. Or maybe there’s the one “house girl” (a regular at that particular club) who comes home sloshed night after night. But what about the man I just saw at the grocery store by my house at 4 p.m. on a Sunday, reeking of booze? What about the Merrill Lynch intern who is high on opiates? Strippers like to maintain control of the situation, to ensure that we are the ones who are taking you for a ride, and to profit as much as possible. visit https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/drugs/about-drugs/how-to-reduce-or-quit-drugs to learn about how to reduce or quit drugs.

11 Popular myths about strippers in Adelaide

We all have “daddy issues”

Why is this concept so common in mythical depictions of the strippers Adelaide features? At the risk of getting too personal, my father and I have a really caring and supportive relationship. He was there for me when I grew up, at every possible occurrence and milestone.

We all have a history of sexual trauma

So essentially, lots of women have been sexually abused or raped all over the world, in your office, your mother, a classmate, and your partner. Is it more common in the lives of strippers? Who knows? Who cares? There is no available data on the subject. click here to know about sexual abuse.

We’re generally unclean humans

If you really have any idea how clean strippers are? How much time we spend preening, tweezing, waxing, cleaning, grooming, wiping, and spraying areas that non-strippers probably don’t bother with? How many times have we all heard a joke with the punchline “that’s just as clean as a stripper’s vagina?” So, dicklette, just so you know, we’re really goddamn clean. Why is this so? We’re salespeople, and our merchandise is our actual bodies. Why will hygiene ever be a problem? Make use of your intellect. No, the one on the top of your neck.

By stripping you’re just taking the easy way out”

Is there a convenient way out? How convenient does it sound to you to crawl onto a stage in a crowded venue, remove any or all of your clothing, and attempt to appear sexually sexy while dancing? Do you think that’s simple? That is just the beginning. 

What about talking to men who smell funny and say horrible, perverted, unintelligible things? Rejection after rejection, during your shift, every shift; that’s what happens when you go around asking for lap dances or VIP/champagne rooms. Customers will also say incredibly hurtful things to your body/face/appearance with the casualness of a weather report. Is it simple? No. Facing stigma, ostracism, and mockery from friends and family, which sometimes is the case? Yep, real easy.

We can’t do anything else/this is our only option

I don’t have any children, and I have a four-year college degree from a prestigious institution. There are no harrowing situations compelling me to do this. Like most dancers, I do it for the freedom it provides, both financially and physically. I do this so that I can pay off my student loans quicker than I will in any other legal career in this economy for my degree. This is what I do for my future, but it is not my only choice. It’s my decision, and I’m happy with it. Many mothers do so so they can spend more time with their children and have a happier life for them than they could otherwise. I see nothing wrong in this, and if you do, then you should consider why.

We can’t sustain a romantic relationship

No way. There should be no complications as long as a romantic partner understands and accepts that stripping is just a profession, although a highly stigmatized one. There are several married strippers.

We all sell “extras”

This could be valid in other nations, but not in Australia. Yes, some do, but not all. Please quit wondering if I’m a stripper prostitute. No, I’m not interested in visiting your hotel room.

We all know pole tricks and make most of our money onstage

There are “stage clubs” and “hustle clubs.” There are clubs with no poles at all. Out of the eight clubs I’ve performed at, the majority of the money is made from offering dances, and just about half of the girls know how to do pole tricks.

Final thoughtsYes, you’ve heard it all from some of the active strippers Adelaide has. Hopefully, now, you know better. 

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