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gelardinGelardin media center, the largest library of the famous American university Georgetown in Washington, selected Doors of Silence to show Virtual Reality to students eager to make a trip into the virtual world.

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<<..Doors of Silence has visuals that are currently only rivaled by Alien Isolation in the horror VR genre.>>

<<The way the game built tension all the way to its first crescendo moment was priceless and is something that should be experienced by all fans of VR.>>

<< is an excellent example of what a full horror game in VR might feel like. I highly recommend it to every VR fan out there.>>

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<<There’s something about Doors of Silence that elevates it above other horror games on the Rift. Perhaps it’s the photo-realistic graphics with pin-sharp texture work, perhaps it’s the darkness that envelopes the player throughout most of the experience, or maybe it’s just the sense of dread that permeates every nook and cranny. Whatever the reason, this is one game that many players are unlikely to finish.>>


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<<Doors of Silence una delle demo indie tecnicamente più impressionanti per Oculus Rift, in grado di rivaleggiare con Alien Isolation. Il risultato è molto vicino a quello che potremmo definire un tripla AAA per la VR>>


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<<Normalmente no publicamos noticias sobre demos tecnológicas, ya que salen tantas que no podríamos publicar otra cosa, pero esta nos ha llamado la atención. Doors of Silence utiliza Unreal Engine 4 para meternos el miedo en el cuerpo en un entorno cerrado del cual deberemos encontrar la salida.>>

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